LAquis 4.1

Analyzes, collects and manages industrial data
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Design and edit projects in the area of industrial engineering, model and supervise operating processes, acquire and manage relevant data, set up automation models, etc. the suite features a graphical interface with a set of development tools and an option to generate detailed reports on output parameters.

SCADA tool and language for data acquisition, process supervision, industrial automation, storing, reports generation for quality management and applications development. Set tags (I/O points), equipment (modules, devices, PLCs, ...), variables, databases, customizable properties, visual interfaces, customizable reports until advanced processes through an SCADA script language oriented to industrial automation. Use visual objects to customize the SCADA software and create actions to the events through this language. It is possible to create drivers using its language. Some drivers are already included for free (ex: MODBUS). Includes a 3D interface transforming 2D factory plan into a 3D OpenGL interface with objects associated with tags.

Used in industries: food, textile, metal, automotive, agronomy, energy, wood, inspection, hydraulic, chemical, paper, water treatment, etc...

All in one SCADA software from visual interface to advanced customizable reports for quality management. Every aspect is optionally programmable through a language structured to supervision and industrial automation.

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